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Top 5 WordPress Scrolling Marquee Plugins

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Scrolling text with Marquee code in html might be easy but what’s even easier is scrolling text in a WordPress blog with the help of a plugin. There are a number of plugins available for Scrolling Marquee in WordPress, some are quite useful and others might just be a waste of your time. So, I decided to make a list of the best scrolling marquee plugins for WordPress, here it is:

WordPress Scrolling Marquee Plugin

#1. Post Title Marquee Scroll: It is an amazing plugin that creates a scrolling list of post titles which can be added in a particular post or a page with the help of shortcode. It can be customized in a lot of ways -

- admin can play with the style options

- scroll amount can be configured

- scroll can be delayed by playing with the settings

- admin can also pick the direction of the scroll

- admin can set the scroller to pause on mouseover

- category and order can be chosen

- admin can define the number of posts to be scrolled

#2. Vertical Marquee Plugin: With this plugin, one can create vertical scrolling text that can be added to any post or page with the help of a shortcode or can directly be dragged and dropped in the widget area. The admin options available for this plugin allows the admin to choose the direction of the scroll (from downwards to upwards or from upwards to downwards) and admin can customize the speed as well as style of the text. It is built with HTML codes so the loading time is less than just a couple of seconds. It is compatible with all the major web browsers except for old Netscape browsers.

#3. Vertical Marquee Post Title: This plugin is a combination of the first and second plugin mentioned in this blog post. This plugin can be used for displaying scrolling post titles to catch the attention of your visitors towards your old articles or hot news.

#4. Twitter Tweet Horizontal Scroll: It is yet another scrolling plugin for WordPress that shows recent tweets (scrolled horizontally) from a particular twitter account added in the settings of the plugin. A lot of bloggers show recent tweets in their blogs but this is again a very nice plugin that can be configured as required. Tweets can be scrolled in posts as well as sidebar.

#5. Horizontal Scrolling Announcement: It is a simple plugin based on HTML marquee, it helps in scrolling text from one end to another, there are a bunch of customization options to customize the announcement as needed.

So this was a small list of WordPress plugins that can be used for scrolling the text in a blog post, in the widget area or almost any part of the blog.

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by Akash Malik

Akash Malik is a professional Blogger from India. He has been blogging for 5 years. Akash like to write about Gadgets and Technology but for a change, he will be sharing his knowledge about Wordpress and his experience about Professional Blogging with us on this blog.

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  1. i want the site title to scroll

    1. If you want the title to scroll, a simple solution is sometimes right in pre-made themes. A lot of the times, themes will allow custom HTML, and you can use a simple marquee scroll command for the title.

  2. Nice list of wordpress plugins , very useful inoframtion thanks.


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