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Top 20 WordPress Themes for Entertainment Blogs

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Entertainment plays a vital role in each and every field today, blogging being no exception. An Entertainment Website must have a tendency to create a magnetic effect on the user hence attracting maximum eyeballs. An appropriate WordPress Entertainment Theme plays a key role here with its ability to amuse the viewers with its graphics and design and also being responsive and easy to customize at the same time.


Though there are hundreds of such themes available on the web, but here is a of Top 20 WordPress Themes for Entertainment Blogs which we feel are best suited for your website.

1. Clubber – Events and Music WordPress Theme [DEMO]

Clubber WordPress Theme

This theme can be the perfect choice for dj’s and music fans. It shows your upcoming events in proper way which is easily understandable for all. You can upload the full album from an artist. Also it gives you the liberty to post as many photos as you want.

There are many custom widgets like Twitter, Flickr, SoundCloud which make this theme a must have.


2. Soundboard – Music WordPress Theme [DEMO]


Soundboard is yet another Premium Music WordPress Theme which has a bunch of unique features. There are many features like online shop integration, social media management, solo artists and bands, many page templates. There are many widgets too like latest news, latest album, upcoming tour, Twitter and Flickr.


3. Goodways – Entertainment and Film WordPress Theme [DEMO]

Goodways WordPress Theme

Goodways is the best choice for a blog relating to media like films, tv and film company. There is a long list of features of this theme, some of them are 5 Page Templates, threaded comments, multilevel dropdown menu, portfolio page, flex slider and so on.


4. Premiere – Video Based WordPress Theme [DEMO]

Premiere WordPress Theme

Premiere is a nice video based theme which separates your video content from your blog posts. The features include video slider, custom homepage, recommend a video page template, custom widgets etc.

The theme also.comes with support for Free WordPress eCommerce plugin WooCommerce.


5. Feast – Facebook Fanpage and WordPress Theme [DEMO]

Feast WordPress Theme

Feast is a highly feature rich theme. Its design and layout makes it very easy to use for all. It has Facebook Fanpage included which updates periodically on its own. Also there is proper integration with Google Maps. The variety of templates available makes this theme an awesome buy for all.


6. Music – Musicians Theme and Facebook App [DEMO]

Music WordPress Theme

Music is a highly responsive and easy to use theme perfectly suited for an Entertainment blog. It offers some features which are not included in other WordPress themes. It offers dual slider to choose between content and image slider. It also provides a 90 minute tutorial allowing you to use the theme more efficiently. Other features include Facebook Fanpage, unique widgets, Google Maps integration and advanced custom calender.


7. MediaScene – Music Premium WordPress Theme [DEMO]

MediaScene WordPress Theme

MediaScene is an easy to use WordPress theme which is a good choice for any Music related blog. The key features of the theme are portfolio for photo sets, can be customized easily, ease of use, variety of widgets, well documented and album review with rating.


8. Stylico – WordPress Dj Theme [DEMO]

Stylico WordPress Theme

This is the one stop shop for any Dj/Producer. It fulfills each and every need of an Entertainment blog. The theme has got custom image slider with custom post type based on Orbit Slider. The theme has variety of widgets along with Ultimate Dj Manager Plugin which provides an all new experience.


9. Reviewer – WP Theme for Entertainment Reviews [DEMO]

Reviewer WordPress Theme

As the name suggests, this theme built for writing reviews. Reviews may be of a movie, short film, tv show or any such media/entertainment related stuff. The theme is bundled with unique features including translation file, five star rating colors, various fonts, featured reviewer etc.


10. The Producer – Responsive Film Studio Theme [DEMO]

The Producer WordPress Theme

This is a highly responsive theme designed for production houses and studios. This is actually a film maker’s dream theme. The basic moto of the theme is showcasing videos. The high responsiveness of the theme makes this one of the bests in the business.


11. K-Boom – Events and Music Responsive WP Theme [DEMO]

K Boom WordPress Theme

K-Boom is one of the most commonly used Entertainment Themes available. More than 1000 websites have used the theme and are doing pretty well. It is meant for Music Projects, Events, Portfolio. It is highly responsive and easy to install. The best part is the ability of the theme to adjust according to the device you are opening the website on.


12. Nocturnal – Premier Audio WP Theme [DEMO]

Nocturnal WordPress Theme

It is a music based theme primarily focused towards nightclubs and bands. It supports all kinds of posters and flyers. It is updated frequently updated bringing up new features each time. The theme is given good ratings by the users because of some of its great features like free version update after purchase, easy to control admin panel, slideout widget panel, full screen image background, advanced jQuery animations and many more.


13. Vibration – Responsive Music and Events Theme [DEMO]

Vibration WordPress Theme

Vibration is a highly responsive music and events theme. It is the first Music theme to feature a page builder. The features provided make it very easy for anyone to manage his entertainment website. The theme also comes with Revolution Slider, Layer Slider and Event’s Countdown. Retina Ready, Advanced Admin Panel, Audio Players and Playlists, WooCommerce Ready are some of the other features of the theme.


14. Muzak – Music Premium WordPress Theme [DEMO]

Muzak WordPress Theme

Muzak has been a hot favorite for Music bloggers and the latest version 3.0 rolling out is like an icing on the cake. It is loaded with some never before features making it a perfect choice for an entertainment blog. The theme has now got WooCommerce 2.0 support. Some of the other basic features include events management, discography management, videos management, documentation, theme settings etc.


15. Rockit Now – Music Band WordPress Theme [DEMO]

Rockit Now WordPress Theme

Rockit Now is a theme specially designed for Bands and Music blogs. Main features include event management, gallery management, album management, page builder. Rockit Now has the ability to manage events, galleries, tracks with amazing theme options. There are many sliders and widgets too.


16. Replay – Responsive Music WordPress Theme [DEMO]

Replay WordPress Theme

Replay is an ultra responsive WP theme perfectly suited for bands, musicians, music business and record labels. It has a simple layout which is easy to use for all. The theme has got some powerful tools which let you share and sell music, manage events and much more. Audio Player, social media, custom post types are some of the features of the theme.


17. Sound Rock – Music Band WordPress Theme [DEMO]

Sound Rock WordPress Theme

This WordPress theme is specially designed for music and bands blogs. The theme is easy to use even for beginners, thanks to the simple structure and high quality features it provides. The main features are event management, gallery management, tracks management, slider management, sidebar management etc.


18. Rock4Life – Responsive WP Theme [DEMO]

Rock4Life WordPress Theme

Rock4Life is a responsive and user-friendly WordPress Theme for Musicians and Bands website. It is loaded with some great features including jquery animations, custom widgets, shortcodes, page templates, cross browser support etc.


19. Musico – For Musicians by Musicians [DEMO]

Musico WordPress Theme

The theme is specially designed for Music blogs, and gives full control to the user to customize it the way he needs. It allows you to manage albums and display them in a very nice full screen and sidebar view. Upcoming events can be managed easily. The theme also has SoundCloud support along with a number of widgets to make your job easier.


20. Rockstar – Theme for Music Bands [DEMO]

Rockstar WordPress Theme

This premium WP Theme works either for a Music Blog Page or Music Portfolio. If you are a Music freak and wish to write a blog on Music, this one is for you. It has a number of great features supporting one blog style, two gallery styles, orange themes control panel, pop up banner, music player and much more.


The above mentioned 20 Themes have been tried out and perfectly go with any Entertainment Blog. The Responsiveness and Design of each and every theme is great. Pick any and you won’t be disappointed for sure.

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by Sagar Malik

Sagar Malik is an engineering student. Besides writing about Technology and Gadgets, he likes to watch cricket and kill time on the internet.

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  1. Very useful list of themes. I just started a blog dedicated to reviews of TV shows and Film as well as other entertainment, and finding the right theme has been very daunting. But this list definitely gave ms some ideas!


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