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How to change WordPress Admin Password from phpMyAdmin?

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WP Password Reset

There are a number of security plugins (WordFence Review) available for WordPress blogs but not every hack attempt goes as a waste. A lot of WordPress blogs are hacked every other day and there are times when the founder of the blog is not able to access the administration panel with his account details.  It can be quite annoying to install WordPress all over again to gain access back to the administration panel. Another simple way to regain access to a WordPress user account that does not work anymore is to change the password of the account directly from the database.

To change the password of a WordPress user account from database or phpMyAdmin the very first thing that you should know is the name of the database of your blog. If you are hosting just one blog in your hosting account then you can easily find the database name in phpMyAdmin and if you are hosting multiple blogs in the same account then you can read – How to find Database Name and Information of a WordPress Blog?

Step 1:

Once you know the database name, the next thing is to open phpMyAdmin in your hosting account. On the left hand side, click on the database name that is connected to the blog you want to make changes to.

Step 2:

You will see a list of tables, look for the table wp_users (prefix may vary if you changed it). Click on wp_users and let it load.

Step 3:

Make sure that you are on the browse tab, click on the edit button next to the user you want to change the password of (as shown in the image below).

WP Gaze phpMyAdmin

Step 4:

After pressing the edit button, you will see a number of fields where you can enter information (see image below for reference).

WP Gaze Insert phpMyAdmin

Password can be changed in a number of ways and here are two different ways to do that, you can choose either of the two methods, the second one is comparatively easier though -

Method 1

Step 5:

The password shown in the database is encrypted and is stored in MD5 Hash. You can use this tool – md5 Hash Generator for generating is a new password.

Step 6:

Copy and paste the new password generated by you in user_pass field and press go.

That’s it, you will then be able to access the WordPress admin panel with the new password.

Alternative Method for resetting WordPress Password -

Method 2

Step 5:

Change the user_email content to a new email that you have access to.

Step 6:

Go to www.yourwordpressblog.com/wp-admin (replace the link with your blog link) and click on the “lost your password” link.

Step 7:

Enter your username or email. That’s it, you will receive the password reset instructions directly in your email.

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by Akash Malik

Akash Malik is a professional Blogger from India. He has been blogging for 5 years. Akash like to write about Gadgets and Technology but for a change, he will be sharing his knowledge about Wordpress and his experience about Professional Blogging with us on this blog.

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