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Striking Premium Corporate & Portfolio WP Theme Review

Striking WordPress Theme

Striking is a Corporate and Portfolio WordPress Theme from themeforest. As the name suggests, the theme comes with some striking new features which can do wonders for any Corporate Blog. Striking is a powerful and flexible WP theme with a bold design which can easily carry the burden of even the heaviest of websites. The ...

Top 20 WordPress Themes for Entertainment Blogs


Entertainment plays a vital role in each and every field today, blogging being no exception. An Entertainment Website must have a tendency to create a magnetic effect on the user hence attracting maximum eyeballs. An appropriate WordPress Entertainment Theme plays a key role here with its ability to amuse the viewers with its graphics and ...

Top 5 WordPress Scrolling Marquee Plugins

WordPress Scrolling Marquee Plugin

Scrolling text with Marquee code in html might be easy but what's even easier is scrolling text in a WordPress blog with the help of a plugin. There are a number of plugins available for Scrolling Marquee in WordPress, some are quite useful and others might just be a waste of your time. So, I ...

CleanSpace Business WordPress Theme [REVIEW]

CleanSpace WordPress Theme

WordPress Business themes are usually messy and are overloaded with a lot of content, unwanted sliders and what not; but in this case, it's not the same. As the name says, CleanSpace is a "clean" WordPress Business Theme; it is indeed a multipurpose theme with responsive design. Let's take a close look at this mind-blowing theme -   DEMO ...

Fundify Crowd Funding WordPress Theme [Review]

Fundify WordPress Theme

There are countless number of WordPress Themes available on the internet today but it's easy to count the most popular ones on your fingertips. Hundreds and Thousands of new themes are introduced every single day but do all of them really get popular? No, definitely not. It would be wrong if we call Fundify as ...